Keep It Moving - Jeremih feat Marcus Fench

Wh... where my cup?
City ticket on my truck
Man they coulda passed me
Damn. that sh_t Ras B

Wh... where my cup?
I'm tip now I don't give no f_ck
And oh - she thought she had me
I just figured last week

Keep It Moving

It's my time. I don't need it

Keep It Moving

Even if it's on my own

[Verse 1: Jeremih]
Him and B... woah
Hennessy... flow
All these ze... ros
I done seen... dough turn hella

Industry to industry... hoes
Let me see... those
I'm just trynna chill
And make a little money
My n_gga D... Rose

Now, you ain't seen me
Ridin' 'round in a minute
But when I'm seen, I got the diamonds on
Hatin' ass n_ggas at the coffee shop
Got the nerve to tell me
That I'm grindin' wrong

Bet his girl would want to come
... want a steak
Penthouse up in Vegas
-Mandalay. with an ass like
"My God"... give it a praise
If I smack that, Annie May-
It'll be ok just-


[Verse 2: Marcus French]
Damn... drinkin again
Tokin' - not thinkin' again
I can share your heart in bed, love...
Next day not speaking again

Gotta keep my wheels, G
Yes ma'am- that's why we in a Benz
Don't be my reason to vent
Slow stroke that ass while the record spins

I pulls up, black cherry wet
I'm here now, and I mean trouble
My checks way more than I thought they would be
[?] I been seein' double

I used to ride this old Cavalier...
Smoked out on the Dan Ryan
With the fan flyin'
Cause the air was broke
I'm good now, but back then I was like-


Woah... uhuh... okay...
Drunk text... she call...
Tell her

(Keep it movin)

Sorry, I hope [?] get
But for me to deal with that right now
... uh... never


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