Skit Intro - Jeremih

Oh sh_t here we go
Jeremih, Jeremih
Oh n_gga
I knew it was gonna be a good concert
But I, let me get something I'll be right back
This here fella' is the sh_t
I wish my son had this n_gga
This n_gga got style, profile
A whole lot to hold on my n_gga
Can I help you?
Yeah can I get two offers of ribs
An RSC and some nachos, chesse meat
Extra puffy, extra couples
Thank you
That's will be 27.50
27 what?!
This n_gga got too much money to be droppin' this got earn
Alright, alright, alright
Drop the lin, drop the lin
N_gga this is the concert of the year
What, what, what, come on now
You gotta let it
Jeremih, Jeremih, Jeremih, Jeremih, Jeremih
I'm heading to the Jeremih concert

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