Wake up / Dj Khaled Speaks - Jeremih

Yo, turn my music up
Up some more, up some more
Up a little bit more

Yeah, yeah
I know it's really been a long night
I know we could have made it on time
You know I know what's really going down
Been a while, it's been a while
Tonight we don't need none of your friends
Just Patron and you, I'm in
It's like you really fell asleep
Now it's time we're doing it again
Now it's time we're doing it again
Said we started something that will never end
I was on my zone MJ
Remember when he score 6-9
Positions change through the time
Candles burn out the lights
Ain't done with you but that n_gga done
Touching on her, waking her way to love

Loving how you look when you lay there for me baby
Finish what we started, damn you sexy when you naked

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
I got something for ya baby
Turn up one more, baby ain't done
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up

She my very best lover
Love me like no other
Never undercover
Don't you tell another
She my very best lover
Without a rubber
When she give me that cover
She don't want another



Momma always told me to be careful who I love
And daddy told me "make sure you love em right"
I always had my eyes on this one particular girl
She say she never found a n_gga like (me, me, me)

[DJ Khaled:]
You can't stop something that's destined to win, you just can't, it's impossible. When you're destined to win you're just a winner. You just continue wining more, it is what is it. Jeremih you the future, you the voice of the people. This mixtape is called NOMA (not on my album) it's the gift for the people. Getting you ready for the big album and that albums called Late Nights in stores September 30th. I go by the name DJ Khaled, We the Best CEO, biggest DJ in the world, biggest producer in the game, biggest mogul in the world, it is what it is, it's facts. Jeremih, another one

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