You - Jesse Powell

I finally found the nerve to say
I?m gonna make a change in my life
starting here today
I surrender all my love
I never thought I could
I?m giving all my love away and
there?s only one reason that I would
and baby it?s you

the way you walk, the way you talk
the way you say my name, your smile
they way you move me, the way you soothe me
the way you sleep softly through the night
every morning you rise and open your eyes
I just want to be there with you baby??
just want to be yours???from this day forth???

let?s call this day our anniversary
the day put my heart in your hand
and said it was yours to keep
from this moment on say that you?ll always be mine
cause girl when I get alone with you
there?s only one thing that?s on my mind
and baby it?s you???..(repeat chorus)

(saxophone solo)

I just wanna be yours?.from this day forth ( repeat chorus )(x3)

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