They Are The Rosed - Jessica Andrews

Born with heaven in their eyes
God sent, innocent
The promise of life
Born into this mess we've made
Holding the future
And hope of better days
'Cause there is nothing more beautiful
And wild
Then the dreams that grown in the heart
Of every child

They are the roses
They are the lights that shine
They are the waves that
Roll in the ocean tide
They are the angels
They are souls in flight
They are the hope that
Everythings gonna be alright
They are the roses

Imagine a place
Filled with happy sounds of playgrounds
Where every child is safe
Where people join hands
And pray that the children will all have a chance
In every family, every tribe and every town
We're the keepers of this garden
And we can't let them down


Imagine a place where all people join hands
Where every child is safe


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