Brave - Jhene Aiko

Broken hearts are made for two
One for me and one for you
Tell me have you heard the news
We are now in love
So I guess that I should mention
That I am in no condition
To put you in this position
I might f_ck this up
But what ever the case, you're my favorite mistake
More than happy to make you
If you decide to stay, know there is no escape
There's no one here to save you

But you're so brave, stone cold crazy for loving me
Yeah I'm amazed, I hope you make it out alive

Please don't take my hand if you don't plan to
Take a stand and be a man who
Understands that I'm no walk in the park
All these scars on my heart
It's so dark here
But if you're a warrior, there's nothing to fear
Nothing to fear


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