2 Points - Jidenna

I don't spend no major time with no minor people
If it's for the greater good then I might deceive you
Living like a Rolling Stone but I'm quite a Beatle
Living by your own law can be quite illegal
You a sly little guy look me in my eye
You was only for yourself, never for the tribe
Wow, now he sayin' that I left 'em
I was always quiet when you said that we were best friends
You! You knew who I was from the jump
I throw a stone at ya n_gga I'm a make it blunt but
You! You go hide your hand like a chump
True friends stab you in the front!
Boy tryna tweet on us
And why you wanna hate that is beyond us
I put my knickers on put my team on up
I just wanna PayPals like Elon Musk
Without a doubt, we winnin' without a doubt
I ain't shocked about the lies comin' out his mouth
Yeah baby, you know they real shady
When they start apologizing for the sh_t that you forgot about
That was decades ago
You got a decade to go
You don't respect me you know
El Jefe
De Chief-y
De Casa
De aaaayyyyeeee

I want my other 2 points baby
I want my other 2 points man
That's a 98 boy, where the other 2 points?

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