Dear Mr. & Mrs. Record Industry - Jill Scott

Dear Mr/Mrs. Record Industry
I've only one place to be
I ain't lookin' for nothin' not due to me
I'm just asking for what's necessary
Every song is a moment in time
Every line a reason a rhyme
Every voice is a choice
Every melody

I am an artist
I cannot have it
I gotta let this fire burn
I can't scratch it
Dear Mr/Mrs Record industry
That the people hear we
Can change the market
Come on, come on
Let's rock it up
Show the people what's up
Let 'em hear the sound and the soul
Yeah yeah yeah of this woman (woman)
This woman (woman)
This woman (woman)
This woman yeah yeah
This woman (woman)
This woman (woman)
This woman (woman)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

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