Quick - Jill Scott

When you left me couldn't believe it
I thought that we had magic
I thought that we were special
But it's over, hum
Believe it... I can't
Fathom this terrible reaction to checking my phone
Damn your madder than a mad hatter, quick
Can't believe it's over, quick
Can't you come over, sh_t
I really miss you darling, He
I'm a one man lover, I'm not a Casanova
I can't believe its over so, quick ah ah
I called you, you didn't call me
I wanted you, you didn't
Return my message, how could you be so, thick
Had a lot of woman on you
Didn't like the fact that I, wanted to own you
That's what you said to me
Said that, I wanted to lock you down
But you moved into my house
Gave me a son, mhm mhm mhm
It was so, quick.
The way that it happened, quick
The way that you left me, quick
Can't believe it's over, can't believe it's over now
I loved you, I really loved you
Can't believe that's its over
Can't believe that we would ever spilt
I'm feeling in my stomach, can't seem to move one
I'm sick, from the nights that happening, ah
Medicine just ain't helping, can't seem to get well and, mmm mmm mmm
Over, can't believe it's over
Over, can't believe it's over
Over so quick

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