Itza - Jim Jones


I love popping ? but too much it'll kill you (repeat)

Rolling out weed is like a living dream
If you do the same thing than it sounds familiar
Now that's a no no no
But when it's going on it's like yeah yeah yeah

When the drop come out all the whores come out
Trying to get tap out think I got .. out b_tch
Chop about a nuts got a wife ?
You will not pay me about my baby
Take my money every month no I can't see it in my vision
But the bullsh_t be dead on collision
Rolling block to the cheese
Raise my stack I am my own trusted in the wind like the ?
The fait on the .. don't talk to me

I am online don't facebook me
.. eliminate the irony that's what I dream
See a dollar sign every time I am f_cking bleed
.. so hop up .. and go fly
I' m the sh_t you stink
These niggers 14 days


I .. so practice give a ..
Till the day I found me an actresses
There is two things I won't
.. game for the winners
Private for the losers
.. fast lane stay truth
? better get radical
.. keep an eye to women even though I am not dependable


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