Sorry - Jimmy Barnes

As hard as I can try - can't be refined
The limits that I seek ain't being defined
What's the point of hanging on this
Razor's edge I'm sliding on
I have to say these are the best of times

I still recall the first time I saw you
At night alone I feel so lost - it's true
It's not that I'm unhappy here with you
In all the world you're all that I would choose
And I know sometimes I cannot hide
The different worlds we make collide
But opposites attract so what's the use

Sorry sorry - I seek but I don't find
Sorry sorry - you drive me out of my mind
Sorry sorry - I know I look sincere
Sorry sorry - I'm busting out of here

Because there's a line I always bend
I can't define and I can't defend
Where living stops and dreaming never ends

Sorry sorry

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