Baby's Gone Shopping - Jimmy Buffett

Baby's Gone Shopping
by Jimmy Buffett

Baby's gone shoppin' she's looking around
Checking out the boys and the clothes about town
Pick up this drop off that
Stares at her pictures from the Fotomat
She likes what she sees
But she's afraid of what she needs
She should be here with me
She should be here with me

But I don't make it easy, I'm no day at the beach
Just an old road dog getting harder to reach
Hang on this planet, hang on each twirl
Scatter my belongings all over this world
I get more whipped up each day
She's looking further away
She should be here with me
She should be here with me

Not much good at conversation
Don't want no proclamation
I just think we could use
A little face to face communication

Now I've been thinking, thinking this through
Time to stop all this selfishness me and you
I'll stop from here, you stop from there
We'll meet somewhere in the middle darlin' I don't care
I don't want no more heartaches time to slam on the brakes
She should be here with me

Baby's gone shoppin'
No more bar hoppin'
I don't know but I been told
That city living gets awfully cold

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