She's All I Got - Jimmy Cozier

I wanna tell y'all about
My ol' lady,
Sometimes, I think
She's really crazy
She blacks out,
At the drop of a dime
But she's still my baby
She likes to get into
Confrontations with me
Testin' my patience to see
How far she can go,
Before I lose my head

Sometimes I love her,
Sometimes I love her not
But I ain't lettin' her go,
'Cause she's all I got
Although she nags me,
And complains a lot
I ain't lettin' her go
No, no, no

The next minute she
Can be sweet as ever,
Grinnin' from ear to ear
That's why we're together,
What could make
Her change so fast
It's very confusing,
Many times I felt like
Up and leaving, oh girl
But I'm way too
Deep in love with her,
As crazy as she is,
I want her to
Have my kids

[Chorus x1]

With her I have grown,
With her home is home
I would never turn
My back on my baby,
I can't do that

[Chorus ...till fade]

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