Baby is a Butterfly - Joan Osborne

There's a mansion on the moon
Honey we will be there soon
Into ships our dreams are tossed
Hold my hand and let's get lost

Baby Is a B_tterfly
Silken wings and eagle eye
Watch her running up the sky
Oh Baby?is a b_tterfly

Rivers never stop to rest
Sparrows know that they are blessed
(going forth into the night
Beckoned by the city lights)

Baby Is a B_tterfly
See her swimming in the sky
Hurts me so to hear her cry
Oh baby?is a b_tterfly

Staying all day at the fair
Evening primrose in her hair
Everything's a miracle
Now my cup is always full

Baby Is a B_tterfly
Silken skin and eagle eye
We'll be angels by and by
Baby?is a b_tterfly

(alt. verse couplet)
Stars are hiding in the clouds
Branches gonna catch them now

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