For No Reason - Joanna Wang

put on your shoes
people used to tell me
now the think it's like a style
of some kind or something

how do I explain that
I just don't believe in
all this purposely for
the world's perception of me

this is only rubbish put eloquently
like all the gothic poetry
kids are writing
from the high school scene

Hey let's start running
for no reason
let's start laughing
without any jokes
when did we need excuese to do what we do I won't explain myself

that's right
we can go out
watch a movie
climb out my window
in the middle of the night
and when the world's asleep we shall dance like mad amusement only
would't you agree that sounds nice

so you mean you just
don't like wearing shoes
I've got sweety feet
I think I've made my point

if you truly like it then
it won't mean a thing
if it's a trend or if it's banned
by the fashion police

all the things I do I don't do them for you
I'm not down to earth not
planning to be
it's all hypocrisy

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