Friends Don't Let Friends - Joe

I need a friend, yes indeed (yes)
I need a friend, yes indeed
Girl stop right there, let me explain myself
I heard you when you called up on my machine
Couldn't answer then without another scene
She and I was goin' through some crazy sh_t
Now she's gone, I'm startin' to get over it
Sittin' here with you I get a different vibe
It's like your seein' us but in a different light
Feelings that we kept bottled up inside
We gon' pop the top and let it blow tonight

And ooo baby
Breaking up is serious
Tonight I need a little healing
Ya body's got me catchin' feelings, for you
Ya body's got me shook like a shake-down
I'm hot enough to cook, 'bout to break-down
Baby, friends don't let friends sleep alone (no they don't)
Tell me what I gotta do to get this on

I'm fellin' you like my throwback
We done came too far now to go back
No more high school s..t girl were grown
Makin love cause friends don't let friends sleep alone

Lookin at your botty I get a vidual
Takin your body into the senuial mode
Sendin my condiction into cridical
We gon have to take it to the phyical
A lonly bed can be a dangerous thing
We can make love girl without no strings
I need my bed to be rockin and my head board nockin

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