Life of The Party - Joe

I Don't Wanna Believe That it's Over

You Might See Me Smiling
But Inside I'm Dying
Too Proud To Let It Show
I Ain't The One
You won't See Me Crying
But it's Hard To Let It Go
All My Time On The Tour Bus
Wasn't Good For Us
And Then You Throw It All
Started Getting Around With A Few Choice Chicks
But We Had Something Special
Plus The Sex Was Sick

Do You Remember
From The Bed To The Wall
On The Floor By The Fireplace
I Know You Remember
On The Truck Couldn't Wait
So We Got Off On The Garden State
Somehow We Must Of Got All Turned Around On Last Freeway
Now I Cant Find My Way Home To You
Oh Girl

I Get Love In The Hood
Acting Like My Life Is All Good
Putting Up A False Bravado
When I Lost You I Lost My Winning Ticket To Lotto
Everytime I Raise My Glass
I Try To Drink Away My Past
To The World I Might Appear To Be The Life Of The Party
But They Don't See Me

I Never Thought I'd Be The One Missing
Oh, I Can't Take This Emptiness
And I Can't Keep Going On Like This
And I Can't Keep Pretending That This Don't Hurt Like A Mother Babe
I Know That it's Crazy For Me To Come Over
I Had To See You
I Know I Gotta To Change Girl
I'll Do That Quick
You Need To Take Me Back Cause The Sex Was Sick

Remember When We Used To Ride The Bus
Girl How We Came Up
Money, career, Chicks And All That
Id Give It Up Just To Have You Back
'Cause Money's Only Paper Girl
And This House Don't Feel Like Home When I'm Alone
Whenever You See Me
Baby Remember

You all Don't See
You Only See What You See On The TV
This Is My Reality
Girl You'll Get To Know Me

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