Anything Goes - Joe Budden

We could do what we wanna, it's an all night bash
Put the pedal to the metal and crash
Here anything goes (goes, goes)
Anything goes (goes)

We could party how we wanna, get drunk with hoes
Strip poker til we run out of clothes
Here anything goes (goes, goes)
Anything goes (goes)

[Verse 1:]
Welcome to my world where anything goes
Here you can ball out of control
While you here, you can flourish
You can shop, cop more sh_t
Like never mind a car note, a mortgage
Here, there's no such thing as a hoopty
We can f_ck tonight, n_ggas won't call you a groupie
Bumping Stevie Wonder - Do I Do, with bad b_tches
I guess I got a 2 live crew
And they all carry Mossburgs
See we ain't new kids on the block, you can leave that sh_t for Donnie Wahlberg
The world is mine, I ain't got a care living
I'm gifted, I watch sounds and hear visions
At one call I can have you disappear missing
Rearrange your features until you appear different
But nah, nobody gon die tonight, that's a restriction
When you doing this much living


[Verse 2:]
Welcome to my world where anything goes
So you could cry all you want to, lie all you want to
You can get high, puff lye all you want to
As long as you don't hold that sh_t hostage
We all V.I.P., open bar mami
Got fake breasts, no bra, no regard,
She cool with the menage that takes place when you act like TMZ
N_gga, I just shoot for the stars
I'm so "f_ck it", I board the plane looking low budget
No carry on, no luggage
Low bucket, I'm headed to the south side
Baby is free base, she wanna join the mile high
Fellatio expert, that means mouth-wide
That sh_t be feeling better then from formaldehyde
But nah, we don't need to dust right now in our rotation
It's just gon f_ck up our celebration
Ya heard!


[Verse 3:]
Welcome to my world where anything goes
So you can stack up, invest, live off the interest
Get ya money right, play the couch which ya hand on ya balls
Welcome the Al Bundy life
Home on bed rest, waiting on my next check
I'm just plotting my next step and my next breath
If you don't do that in excess
It's really no point, like TV's in the backseats head-rest
Some n_ggas get spiteful or angry
Some n_ggas are prideful and it pains me
Our brain speed ain't at the same speed
So I ain't mad, don't blame y'all, I blame me
Put a wall in my path, I'm just gonna knock it down or go through it
Before you try to knock that down, go through it
Try it and go do it, the folk in my world won't look at you so stupid

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