Connect 4 - Joe Budden feat Young Chris

[Intro: Young Chris]
Yeah... uh, C. West
We do this, Joe Budden
Yeah, young Chris, what, what?
Yeah, uh

[Young Chris]
To the heart of North Philadelph, pour my spirit and flesh
Give me the crown, watch me wear it the best, I ain't hearin the rest
Long gone, dancin with bigger fish here
Fish scale advances for glitter wristwear
Ch-chea, motherf_cker this year Chris here
Homie the strong's so vital, survival of the fits here
Ain't sh_t sweet y'all, life about a b_tch yeah
Say I drive her crazy though I ride that hoe fifth gear
Talk so much poverty cause I live here
Talk facility cause my family's doin a bid there
You ain't rappin or ballin, we got our hustle out
That's what a thug about, anything to get the f_ck up out
the ghetto, dodge the devil, prolong my demise
Got a green sticky lah baby, 365

[Joe Budden]
Hold up, a n_gga went from lukewarm to hot
Scratch that, from coldest winter to hell's kitchen
Aside from predictable shots and shells spittin
Wouldn'ta even known it cause nothin felt different
E'rything dope in this game ain't on the radio
That proofs me, check the dames and the ratio
Brain like fellatio, I mean it used to be cane like Horatio
F_ck you, pay me though
Look for him, style in whatever I put on
Come from where you give a wrong look and you would look wrong
Broads off the hook for him
But I treat 'em like Subway, I give 'em 5 dollars and a FOOT long
Young n_ggaz take your vitamins
Your 28-inch rims higher than watchin me admirin
JUMP OFF e'rything that they aspirin to be
But the bullsh_t gets tiresome to me
See, only one concern, gettin my bread right
Hate to see you lose your (Life) over a website
I'll feel (Sorry)
Y'all'll only know what I show why Chris Brown and Rihanna that real story
Off puttin words together like (Scrabble)
Build your (Monopoly), they just gon' attack you
Can't (Pictionary) it, they gon' think it's (Taboo)
When you get more, they can't (Connect) the (Four)

[Outro: Joe Budden]
Dawg.. geah, Joey, Chris
Yes Chad, I f_ckin know the sound

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