Escape Route (Intro) - Joe Budden

Whats up b_tch!
Check me out now!

Look psychotic it's what they call you ignore you going by my logic
That a law will secure you looking through my optics
Lead and steel put pillow in front of me i pop it
Tried to stop it but couldn't look at my eye sockets
My God it makes me skyrocket
Rules to ever do what you can believe that sh_t and I shot it
And if you couldn't tell I'm on my own time
Prisoner of my own mind problem is I don't mind
N_ggas asking what I deem as suc-cess
Life's a b_tch I'm just looking up her dress I can give a f_ck less
All of a sudden they see me on Joe Budden T.V. and I'm going national
But they judge me and that's a broken gavel
Shock-ing to me how quickly n_ggas will go and bash you
Never had withdrawals pitfalls that coke and hash do
Never stood in place while everyone was going past you
Keep your opinion to yourself n_gga no one asked you
Get used to me far from what I used to be
Provided still throw you a side if you not that used to me
Self-destructive I love it anything that abuses me amuses me
I just hope the whole world excuses me
Hip-Hop got him under all types of scrutiny
I think that the sh_t scared n_ggas into noose to me
Wholeheartedly don't want no part of what's a part of me
Moving lithogically so I dare a n_gga to spar with me
What I inspire to be never inspired me
Big fan of karma catch twenty-two's eyeing me
Y'all don't understand the types of demons that's inside of me
Rebel with a cause if I do it it's un-defiantly
Raised looking for the machine aiming the ruger
Old so I don't f_ck with the youngins I ain't a cougar
Say a prayer for the losers aware of intruders
Everybody around me like the head on Medusa
And so its time to make a move exit
Rubber-band covering the bruise left wrist
Faith in the man I cant prove exist
I really got nothing to lose but a death wish
I aint worried about jewels and a necklace
Me I live life shrewd reckless
N_gga I ignore the rules and the message
Walk away from the sh_t smooth with a peck kiss mwahh
Y'all ain't hearing me no fear in me
Only n_gga brave enough to conspire against a conspiracy
Y'all want to be sick get it in Mariah marry me
But minus any streaks not a peak going to be clear as me

Its, Its!
A message!
Whats up!
They don't understand him though!
Y'all will get it, some things just take time!
Somethings take longer than others, that's what she said!
It's Joey, n_gga!

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