Forgive Me - Joe Budden

[Budden talking]
Anybody who listens to Joe Budden
I never got off on it, actually my image is not giving a f_ck about image
My image is a regular, real live man who will always give it to you just the way it is
I'm never gonna fabricate, I'm never gonna lie
and I'm never going to ?? cuz the industry made me do something
Some of you gotta take a step back, and really just look at the situation, and analyze
To really think about it. And you gotta say "is the risk...worth the reward?"
Let's go

[Verse 1]
Yo I'm only human, ain't to be worshipped (Nah)
I'm only human, I ain't perfect (Nah)
I might say some things and reword it
You could blame it on my roots, deep Jerz sh_t
Bet some things were never instilled
I might make threats I will never fulfill (Why?)
Hoping you're smart enough to use some will
And do as I say out of fear that I will
Say time will reveal, but I'm jammed up
But I'm standin at the clock and the hands stuck
Ever so tender, seems the things ya'll never forget
I'll never remember
Listen, it's your fault you assumed I grew
But if I'm all about me, then wheres there room for you?
Rather not rewind but fast forward
"Forgiveness", all I can do is ask for it
Forgive me

I'm only human like ya'll and sh_t
I ain't a robot, I ain't a superhero
I'm entitled to sh_t like ya'll n_ggas
Here we go, check me out

[Verse 2]
Might say some things thats outlandish
But when I do, I'm thinking without standage
I apologize, take it as a letter
In spite of my actions just know I was raised better (much better)
I'm aware that my opinions hated
So why the f_ck am I so opinionated?
My bad Method Man, out of respect
I'ma scrap them 5 pages I wrote towards (Inspectah) Deck
cuz that aint have anything to do with you
So I made it have everything to do with you
Shuttin' up is unusual
So I'm back to lettin my pen state what I do to dudes (I meean)
Outside of music, outside of rappin
Cuz none of that sh_t interfere with life happenin
And you can look me dead in the eyes
If you dont know sh_t then just know I took your advice
Holla at me

At least I listen though
I'm open minded enough to
A n_gga tell me something I'ma take heed to it
Only if its good sh_t though
I be my own filter
It's that on top music
Think more n_ggas should be like that
Follow my lead
I left a trail for n_ggas
Follow it

[Verse 3]
Yo, yo I ain't lookin at the man that you would see
Ain't looking at the man that you should see
Ain't looking at the man that I could be
Treat me like I'm new to the game, still a rookie
Like a newborn straight out the p_ssy
Or is everybody straight out and just p_ssy (faggot)
In a state of confusion, what I intended is never the conclusion (talk to em!)
I'm losin, normally the one they accusin
Maybe that explain my seclusion
But when you grown to see that the stakes high
You at least know to never make the same mistake twice (look!)
They say the real is gone
I represent this sh_t
What you see is what you get
No representative
From now on gator redefine me
If ya see another mishap dont mind me
Forgive me

Ya know I heard a lot of n_ggas
Words are piercing
Sometimes they just hurt like bullets
I wanna make amends
Nnot to everybody though
Some of yall n_ggas I mean to offend

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