No Comment - Joe Budden

Uh-ohhhh, uh-oh
Uh-ohhhhhh! That on top, ohh!
Ta-ha, Joey (yeah, sh_t go hard too)
No comment, no comment
Ta-ha, whole bunch of yappin
Jersey! That M.J. bullsh_t
Let me talk to 'em, l-look look look

[Verse 1]
Since the world don't revolve around me
(Then what?) Hoodie on, revolver on me
I'm the wrong one you wanna amp (why?)
Cause n_ggaz could get missin
like you straight out of LeBron's summer camp (ohh!)
Anytime the fed's see me
I tell 'em that the only thing F_CKERY here gets you an STD
My life, should be sold as a movie
From the (Slum dog) tryin to be a (Millionaire), no groupies
When did the civilians decide to be a thug?
Motivated by the hate (BUT) inspired by the love
Rappers sayin my name like it's a bright tactic
Jackson 5, put your (Mike) in a casket
Let the fans gas you and tell you you're nice
Be a legend in RAP, but a failure in life
For real, I don't think these dudes is spectacular
Pretty Ricky thugs who move like spectacular, n_gga!

What up with you and so-and-so? Heard you got a diss
Don't know about THAT, but I know about this n_gga
No comment (what) no comment (what)
No comment, I ain't got a comment
Bloggers, Twitter, Budden TV
No comment, y'all ain't gettin nothin from me
I said, no comment (what) no comment
No comment, I ain't got a comment

[Verse 2]
So I been called a snitch (BUT)
But I been called worse by better so let's skip over the lecture
That's a common lie (why?)
Cause if I ever call the cops it's only gon' be to report a homicide
How am I in beef? I walk about free
They only talk about YOU, when you talk about ME
So go ahead and act hard
And somebody gon' grab chalk (and) and turn the streets into a blackboard
So I'm supposed to put n_ggaz on a pedestal
for rappin 'bout a bunch of bullsh_t that they don't ever do
You look stupid when you go there
Say I'm only hot online you ain't heatin up nowhere
SHOT-gun in SHOT-gun, ride right past ya
Windows down, got every right to blast ya
No wonder he thinkin he'll provide a disaster
Cause b_tches keep tellin him that size don't matter (ta-ha)

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

Things n_ggaz say I don't mind it
Say they lost respect for me, who the FRUCK is askin you to find it?
This is me practicin censorship
Since the new definition of real n_gga is sensitive
In his interview, say I'm askin for a hearse
But couple months BACK he was askin for a verse
Only hurts is the team used to bump you
Now he look like a fiend, I should slump you

[Outro - ad libs to the end]

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