Role Play - Joe Budden

Sh_t, goddamn is it tight
Sh_t baby, turn up turn up
Take that take that, look at look what you got
You got me doing Puff Daddy in this p_ssy
I'm a puff you in this p_ssy take that take that
The best p_ssy I've ever had
Like I must be jammed, I'm drinkin this p_ssy
Yea I'm giving love to this p_ssy, I'm a kill this p_ssy
Yea I'm a slow down, I'm a make that p_ssy bleed
Slow down with this p_ssy
Into them hammer damn's on
What the hell? I'm gonna cum for you
I'll cum for you right now
I'm c_mming for you like you a enemy
Goddamn you tryna make me Big Sean in this p_ssy
Oh God, oh God
Big Sean in this sh_t
Oh sh_t this gon be tough
Why the f_ck you still going?
Alright, alright baby
Yea I'm bout to get in here, witch position for a minute

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