Tomorrow - John Legend

[Dr. John]
With good understanding
And a lot of patience
You can make it, yes you can
Beyond your wildest dreams

[John Legend]
Here we are in the prime of life
We're so ripe
Yeah the time's right
Here we go and we're high of expectations
Let's not waste them

Oh the sunshine in your eyes could break the ice
I can tell that you deserve the best in life
If I offer you the chance to live tonight
Then take it
We can make it

Don't wait til tomorrow
Don't wait til tomorrow, let's go
Don't wait til tomorrow
We waited all our lives
Don't waste another day

[John Legend]
Hesitation will only get you nowhere
Don't just stand there
Every moment is a gift
Here's your moment to live
Don't have to fear


It's our time
It's our evening
Don't let it slip away
Tomorrow's too late
It's our night, please don't leave me
If you're lost I'll help you find your way
Your way to tomorrow
Oh don't you know we're gonna get together
Your way to tomorrow

Don't wait til tomorrow
Oh we're gonna get together

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