Always Be Your Man - John Waite

(John Waite/Chuck Kentis)

Well, September comes around like an old familiar friend
So I take off to Central Park to watch those falling leaves again
And in the arbours of Strawberry Fields, in a night as bright as day
I look up at the sky and wish I could fly away

And I say I know this life won't last forever
But wherever you go these days
I'm with you all the way
And I say I know your time and mine together
Is more than I could understand
But I promise you, I'll always be your man

And so I watch those falling leaves until the winter kicks in good
Until I reach the same conclusion
We never say the things we should
You're with me all the time it seems, yeah, these days I'm not alone
I can't explain the things I'm going through, it's you not me that's flown away


And time has put us through some heavy changes
And I say I still care about you and I know what love's for
And I'll be right here waiting for you every day
To come in laughing through that door
Look up at the towers through the falling snow

It's hard to tell what you've been going through
Because I'm a stranger now in your world
And I give anything to understand the rules again


Day in day out, I have no doubt
I'll always be your man

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