Godhead - John Waite

(John Waite/Shane Fontayne)

No Krishna, Buddha, Jesus in my soul
'Till the sun breaks through again
Down into nothing as I lose myself
In the perfectness of Zen
She said: I got the answer
I said: I'm curious, can you write that down my friend
It said there's nothing in the real world
So why should we pretend...zero!

We got nothing, we got everything

I took a page out of Upanishads
And I flew a paper plane
But there is nothing in the real world
But the cool, cool, cool of soul
And I've got nothing in my pokcets
But lose change and gold...zero!

And I'm trying to get somewhere
In a room with glow
The church mice are singing now
What John Lee Hooker knows

We got nothing, we got everything

I'm falling backwards in her mirrored room
In her mirrored room tonight
She's looking good
And I feel fine
As she says we might make it to Godhead
Well I wish was a catfish swimming in the deep blue sea, yea!

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