Feedback on Highway 101 - Johnny Winter

Uh ow!

Feedback, Feedback, feedback on highway 101
Feedback, Feedback
Feedback on highway 101
Through these eyes
Your favorite DJ having fun
Having fun, having fun
Look a schoolboy on the run
Look out, look out I gotta stand back, stand back
Let the blues on the run, on the run
He's had one too many drinks
Might just might overload, overload
Nightime, nightime, nighttime too many
Cruising along
Nightime cruising, nightime cruising along
We're gonna shoot us something so, all along

Feedback on, feedback on highway
Highway, highway, highway 101
Feedback on highway 101
Cruising yeah baby
Everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone
Stop in and stay some
Keep it long, keep it long this is fun
Ow! Stop in and stay some
Keep it long, keep it long, keep it long, this is fun

I wanna blow myself some home
Lovin' home just like a saxophone,
House just like a saxophone
Cause I think... owww!

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