It Was Rainin' - Johnny Winter

Well I know the sun ain't shinin', it looks like the rain about to fall
Well you know I believe the sun ain't shinin', looks like the rain about to fall (comin' down)
Well you know when I'm home with my woman,
I don't need no sun at all (not all all, man I don't mind)

Well you know, I feel so good that when I hear, when I hear that lonesome sound
You know I feel so good, I always got 'til I hear that lonesome sound
I been layin' on my bed takin' it with my baby, you know
And the rain be comin' down, yeah, be comin' down

(Go ahead, play a little bit now...)

(Yes, yes!)
(Wooo it is...)

Yeah do it again... do it!

Well last time it was stormy, you know I was down in New Orleans (yes it's a nice place to be you know)
You know last time it was stormy (it was stormin' bad) you know I was livin' down in New Orleans
You know it'd take a whole lot more than blood and water For me to keep my business clean

Oh yeah, I'm clean...

Rain on, rain on...

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