Back2thebeginningagain - Jojo

It took me 22 years to trust myself
Too many people told me to be somebody else
They said there's two things you gotta do to succeed
One, forget about you, and listen to me

But on the 20th day of December this year,
What I needed to do became ever clear
I got drunk in a crowd and I fell asleep
When I woke up, I knew who I needed to be

Took off my shoes and my socks and I ran through the snow
To the center of town I left long ago
Frost bite on my ankles and I don't care
Got some sh_t on my mind that I wanna share

I'm riding around, stomping the ground
Riding around, stomping the ground
I know where I'm going cause I know where I've been

I've been riding around this small town
Riding around this small town
I don't know where I'm going
Back to the beginning again

Take it to the strip club
Make a "YOLO" pop song
Do whatever I say
Industry, get along

You should make another song
You should make a Katy song
You should put your titties out
Then I'll put your record out

Then I'll put your record out...

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