Bad Actress - Josh Ritter

She's a bad actress- but hey
You give her the big lines anyway
Though her eyes are big as Canada
And the hips are South Australia
And the shoulder blade is Africa
Looking out on South America
I'm out here on the sea
And her heart ain't where it oughta be
She's a bad actress- but hey
She's got a big part in your play
Now my apartment lies awake at night
It tosses every time she sighs
Tries to take it easy on her eyes
But I can feel it giving up the fight
My whole building's on its last floors
Her heart's not in it anymore
She said she gave her heart to you
If it was precious why'd you lose it
But if it was golden it'd shine
If it's big it won't be hard to find
If it's real it stains your hands like wine
You can look but there is no use trying
Cause no matter what she said the truth
Is that she never gave her heart to you
She's a bad actress
Bad actress

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