Tell Me How You Feel - Joy Enriques

Ooh yeah yeah yeah

You're on my mind had another sleepless night
And all I think about is that I want you here and now
All I wanna say is that I want you in my life
I need you to hold me make me feel so bright

There's no other love (oh yeah)
You're everything that I'm looking for and more
So tell me why, why are you so shy
When you're walking right by
I get this feeling inside

Baby, I want you but I don't know what to say
I see you everyday when you come around my way
I want you to know that I'm in love with you
So baby come on, come on, and tell me how you feel

My friends say that I'm wasting my time
But I don't listen to them cuz I know you're gonna be mine
They don't understand, the feelings inside
All I want from you is that you give me a sign

Tell me how you feel. (tell me how you feel)
I see it in your eyes when you're walking by you feel me. (I feel you too)
Why are you so shy, when you walk by
I get this feeling inside


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