30 Inches - Juicy J feat Gucci Mane & Project Pat

[Intro: Juicy J]
Play me some pimpin mayn
Juicy J featuring Gucci Mane and Project Pat!

[Sample + Hook:]
Ballin, ballin babyyy
I'm so hood, 30 inches on the Chevrolet!
Ballin, ballin babyyy
I'm so hood, 30 inches on the Chevrolet!
Ballin, ballin babyyy
I'm so hood, 30 inches on the Chevrolet!
I said you're everything... I ever hoped fooor
In a womaaan
30 inches on the Chevrolet!
30-30 inches on the Chevrolet!

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
Comin from the hood, the D-boys
Lot of superstars
Ridin 30 inches on a bucket or a new car
So flingy-flingy, so flingy
So blingy-blingy, so blingy
You see me-see me, you see me
The girls clingy, they clingy
They wanna ride with the Juice Mayn
Mister bang-bang
Ballin down the old common lane, in a Chevy thang
My car is like my wifey so I treat her with the skeeter-skeeter
Rubbers worn out, you can tell by the marriage meter
Betty-Betty McBetty, the name of my new Chevy
She snow-snow whiz-ite, the color of fish scaleys
She gotta-gotta get washed
So clean-clean, no spots
She mine til' she break down, and then I gotta tiz-oss

[Sample + Hook]

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
Girl, girl, girl
Girl please, Chevy so high, baby do you see the trees? (Huh, huh)
Crawlin down the block, dirty shine like skeez (Huh)
Blue so sweet, Gucci Mane can roll weed (Weed)
'71 Caprice taller than my Humvee (Vee)
Fine redbone, best friend, back seat (Huh)
And now we double datin, I make 'em both date me (Me)
30 inches shinin to make you haters hate me (Huh)
Used to love my date, everybody love king (What)
Flashback, triple-gold D's, seventeens (Seventeens)
N_ggas on the scene, I was just fifteen
Big car, big rims, I'm mounting
Oh somethin clean, somethin y'all might see

[Sample + Hook]

[Verse 3: Project Pat]
Ya boy Project Pat, awww
28 inches, aww yeah, you sittin high boo
Not a woman out here on the streets can deny you
You my boo, so I gotta keeps you lookin good
Jumped into the white leather guts, with the cherry wood
When I flex, like havin sex on a porno flic
Bought some new shoes, all chrome cause I gotta flex
Know you love Jolly-Rancher candy, I did that
I ball hard, I'm a ghetto star, we in traffic
My car is bi-sexual cause she's a ho puller
Bring that gal to daddy, baby we'a gon' do her
You da only woman that a n_gga made a murk for
Blow ya like moms, I'll go out like a kick-doe

[Sample + Hook]

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