Gimme Sum - Juicy J feat La Chat & Frayser Boy

[Chorus x8]
Gimme sum, Gimme sum
Head in here you selfish pig

[La Chat]
I'm creepin up through the cut
I got the mask upon my face
I hope no one's in sight
A robbery is about to take place
La Chat, I'm out here scopin
Lookin for victims with that cheese
Whatever to make that paper, drop it off so I can hit
A b_tch that's on a come up, thinkin of a ways to make a stang
A n_gga that's riding twenties, bumpin out the frame
Move, that's my mane, I take the mask off my face
I'm finna pass this fool, I know he's gonna try to holler
Cause that's just what n_ggas do
Then bam I got him, get in the car we goin to the tel
We get into the room he stuntin, counting all his money, yea he bail
This n_gga don't know what's goin down, I'm finna go and get him
He need to drop it off with no hesitation, or I'm gonna kill him
Lay down on the bed we bump-n-grind, with nothin but sex in mind
I turn him over, get on top and surprise him with my nine
I ain't ask no questions, didn't say sh_t
Pull the trigger straight in the head, got away with his cheese
A smooth get away, he's naked dead in bed, yea

[Chorus x8]

[Frayser Boy]
Now when I'm comin through
I'm kickin doors off the hinges
Please believe it, best to leave it so won't be no incidents
If you wanna like a sauna n_gga I'm bringin that heat
Don't you jump us, sawed pump will sweep your ass off your feet
Lay on the f_ckin ground, and don't you make a sound
Or you gonna suffer till your muthaf_ckin body found
N_gga this sh_t is real, you oughta know the deal
Don't play with me cocks_cka, with this pump up in your grill
So give me cooperation, and meet all my demands
With no hesitation, put that money up in my hand
Don't be flossin, bullets tossin when I see your diamond shinin
Catch your ass up in the cut, didn't know that I was behind it
I'm makin examples up out of you n_ggas
Who thinkin a n_gga is playin wit ya
I'm buckin you s_ckas, I'm bringin da ruckus
I am a muthaf_ckin damager, don't make no swift moves
Cause you gonna lose, I give n_gga blues with hard head
So don't you f_ck up, and get your ass stuck
And be somewhere up in a ditch, found dead ya b_tch

[Chorus x8]

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