Like a Pimp - Juicy J feat La Chat

[Juicy J]
Now I ain't the one with the magic wa wa wand
but I can break a b_tch for the cheese and funds
I don't have to use a gun or even make the hoe cum
if a n_gga go to jail then a b_tch make bond
while you shakin dat ass in the shake ja ja joint
I be sittin in the back rollin big bu bu blunts
let me know when you off to collect my money
If a n_gga cant get it then a n_gga will haul
Cause playas like me don't see nuttin funny
b_tch betta have my mutherf_ckin money
black eyes and bruisin up a face I den done it
to let her know these bonified pimps who run it
She make a G a night but she told me 200
but thats what I get f_ckin wit a snow bunny
I told her like this ask dat n_gga you be callin
police found a body that very next morning

[Chorus 1 x2]
Gator Boots and the suits is the clothes
Like a pimp
Keep the money not folded in a roll
Like a pimp
When I see you b_tch you betta have my dough
Like a pimp
Reach Back
Like a pimp
Slap Da Hoe

[Juicy J]
They wanna wear my shoes they wanna wear
my clothes they wanna ride round thru the
hood with 20 hoes sittin back in the back
like a n_gga suspose with a chauffer drivin
lettin his pimpin be choose
I can walk the walk and I can talk the talk
bring yo girl to my room mane thats all you saw
young n_gga in the cut name Juicy J
n_gga skin black as dark like ebay
All these freaks cross the world they don't want to holla
If you ain't got 20's if you aint got dollars
B_tch f_ck that sh_t we still gon pimp
we go ride thru the streets we go hit the
dense we go smoke on dem blunts we go sip a fifth
We go stand on the corner wit a pistol grip
If you want to holla at us we ain't out for the squeeze
All we want is yo purse cause we out for the cheese

[Chorus 1]

[La Chat]
1 little 2 little n_ggas dats payin me
3 little 4 litle n_ggas eatin p_ssy
I'ma keep it real ain't no need of being in my grill
I'ma make you work pimpin dudes just to get a meal
Pimpin don't play pay what you f_ckin weigh
yeah I got the knowledge and the skills on gettin paid
N_gga wanna f_ck but for what you ain't gave enough
betta hit the strip slang d_ck cause a n_gga bust
La Chat smokin on a sack like a real mack
sittin back countin all my ends checkin all traps
Claimin you wont go thats a damn lie
You get got I have you hypnotized I don't even care
we can share in dis game hoe tossin these
n_ggas for the dough is the way it go
havin n_ggas sick about the way dat I did man
You should of told them I'm a real mutherf_ckin pimp

[Chorus 2 x2]

[La Chat:] Gucci Boots and the suits
is the clothes
[Juicy J:] Like a pimp
[La Chat:] Keep the money not folded
in a roll
[Juicy J:] Like a pimp
[La Chat:] When you see boy don't act like
yen ain't know
[Juicy J:] Like a pimp
[La Chat:] Reach back
[Juicy J:] Like a pimp
[La Chat:] Slap the hoe

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