When My Heart Falls Down - Justincase

written by: Justin Tosco

I believed in no one till I found you
I could see no one till I found you
I never knew my heart could break in such a way
That the best I get is in my dreams, but I'm not betrayed

When my heart falls down in troubled times
I won't let it die
When my heart falls down into your arms
I begin to cry

The end seemed twisted like my soul
That now seems wreckless, with no control
I wasn't much with love till I found you
I wasn't much for hate till I lost you


I cut all the hair that you loved
So I could start over
I kept all the things you left
So I could remember


The passion we fight can overcome
All that's said and all that's done
I will change all I knew
I will rise above everything but you


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