F*** That Nigga - Juvenile

We drink up all the round, we drink up all the white
We go to all the spots, we be up all the night
We'll tell a n_gga, "F_ck ya!" and be waitin' outside for him
Bust him up and see how many n_ggas gon' ride for him
Play the project bricks and watch for the law
N_gga come to my section, we to they section and ward
We rep hard out the wards in stolen cars
Spankin' n_ggas that be showin' off with they broads
N_gga catch a felony... he takin' his charge
N_ggas turnin' state... we rapin' the boy
It's a hard life we livin'... they 'bout they drama
We earn stripes for killin'.. I'll attack like a rhino
Some of the time... motherf_ckers be off they bases
Way out they boundary in unfamiliar places
Lookin' like a duck, seein' all the wrong faces
But we know the rules and could be strapped in SK's

[Chorus2x B.G.]
Man, pop that n_gga
Man, kill that b_tch
Man, shoot that n_gga
Man, spank that b_tch
Man, down that n_gga, execute that b_tch
Put fifty rounds in that n_gga is what'cha do that b_tch

Stay from 'round here, I tell ya.. these n_ggas ain't cool
Ain't no love for outsiders, everybody's a fool
We be duckin' off in the hallways.. and in the cuts
Gettin' the f_ck when ATF is pullin' up
People in the projects say, "Them n_ggas ain't sh_t"
They hustle all night for brand new outfits
You're f_ckin' right... that's how it is on the block
Real duck T-shirt, 'Bauds, and ReeBoks
Camouflage around the neck and the dome
F_cked-up attitude totin' a chrome
Fighting for weed, n_gga ain't ever goin' home
Tryin' ta get it how he live with a bundle of (?)
We ain't tryin' ta see the jailhouse
But if we do we hope we be able to bail out
Know what I'm sayin', lil' daddy
We need a lick, come up in the whole brick
Kick in a n_gga door and punish the whole clique


Come through the hood where ya hang with a K, and when I see ya
What I'ma do to ya, I know I wouldn't wanna be ya
Split your head in half, n_gga.. leave ya stressed in the street
Hit ya everywhere in your body but under your feet
I play it raw when I'm in beef, I'm a Hot Boy that's heat
Get it how ya live is how it is where I be
F_ck a n_gga's how I feel, no n_gga steppin' on my toes
Without feelin' !BLOCKAH! !BLOCKAH! from four-fours
I'm a dog, with a gun in my hand I cut loose
You're on the other end of that pistol, it's on you
Get hit up.. chopped up.. did somethin' awful
Zipped up, boxed up, put straight in a coffin
Ain't part of my clique, f_ck ya n_gga
Don't please me
I don't love ya n_gga, you're no good, playa
I don't trust ya, n_gga
To me you ain't nuttin' but a bust n_gga, what

[Chorus 4x]

[B.G. talking]
Ya heard me
Put fifty rounds in that n_gga's what'cha do that b_tch
F_ck him, ya heard me (f_ck him)
F_ck his whole clique, n_gga (f_ck 'em all)
Ya don't like me, I don't like you, n_gga (I don't like ya, n_gga)
You don't like me, that mean you don't like my clique
I don't like you, that mean I don't like you (!blockah! !blockah!)
The n_ggas ya f_ck with, the n_ggas you affiliate with, ya heard me
Any n_gga who speak to ya, n_gga, back you up, n_gga
F_ck you and all them too, n_gga, ya heard me
It's Cash Money for life, ya heard me
F_ck all them old b_tch-ass n_ggas throwin' bricks (???????) (f_ck 'em all)
It's real over here, n_gga, ya heard me (f_ck 'em all)
We got this here (f_ck 'em all) and we holdin' this here down
Ya heard me, we gon' keep it like that, though, ya dig, n_gga
Baby, Slim, Juvie, B.Geezy, Turk, Weezy, Fresh, ya heard me
Joe Casey, Travey, ya heard me, all tha shots, n_gga
We comin' through, n_gga
We layin' it down, n_gga, and we just doin' what we do
Keepin' it real
Cash Money for life

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