In Ya Ass - Juvenile

Look I'm tryin to live right now
Make a better place for my kids right now
Or get out my face is how it is right now
All I wanna have is my own sh_t right now..
So much go through my head all day
The game situation is be paid or played
I gotta eat the lottery is not for me it's homicide and robbery
And a twenty room mansion, buck-naked with a lot of freaks
It ain't cool if my people don't eat they part of the reason
I got away from all that bullsh_t, that thuggin and thievin
And as far as this Cash Money sh_t it's part of my blood
And we feed each other everyday by showin 'em love
It don't matter what we came into we gonna stay blood
And whoever sleepin on it dem dat's gonna wake up
I need dough to feed me and my people
To get a pie and eat special from, Julio's
F_ck ya boy, I don't care, who he know
Just make sho', that he pay, who he owe
I ain't tryin to be a bully I just want what I earned
He's a hardheaded child and it's time to be learned

[Chorus 2X: Juvenile]
You don't like me, yeah? Well f_ck you in ya ass
N_ggaz is pure p_ssy and they made me mad
You don't like me, yeah? Well f_ck you in ya ass
N_ggaz is pure p_ssy and they made me mad

I've seen sh_t that a child my age, shouldn'ta saw
They bustin right over the backseat of a stolen car
I was seven they had to be about nine or ten
His momma Fay she done ran through who's dyin again
Damn but I don't really think she mean what she say
As soon as she smoke that crack, sh_t done f_cked with her head
Momma gon' love her kids, and they (?) aware
And if momma don't love her children, then momma need prayer
Durin the struggles of my life I learned to take heed to sh_t
I paid attention to everything that went on in the bricks
All of the early morning rushes to the late night fights
I always visioned that one day this would be my life
Back then it wasn't gravy, the street wasn't right
Especially in our house, we didn't eat some nights
On come new technology these days and times
And it gave us other avenues and ways to grind
F_ck what you got n_gga, I'm makin mine
I messed up my first lil change, I'ma be straight this time
To the fullest, always huntin, for it to spend
I went out and got it dawg, I can do it again


Get off the block lil n_gga this my spot lil n_gga
I don't care what you got you get shot lil n_gga
I been thuggin, and I'm lovin my life
The reason I made it to here because I been livin trife
For spite stoppin knockin old n_ggaz off
Tryin to be the f_ckin boss and shotcall
Ride round in the toughest cars, double R's
F_ckin over n_ggaz don't want see me ball
Now which one of your peers wanna come do this
I ain't with all of that talkin cause my gun do flip
Lift n_ggaz off they feet when they run they lip
Tryin to tell you bout people, tell you that chick's on chips
You don't like me, yeah? Well f_ck you in ya ass
N_ggaz is pure p_ssy and they made me mad
I'm straight off of the street that's why I'm out chea bad
Comin through yo' door with a bag and a Mag


If you don't like me n_gga, n_gga come out
F_ck, I don't like you either though b_tch-ass n_gga
Boy-ass n_gga.. what? F_ck you in ya ass


Da da da
Da da da da.. hahahaha
I don't like you either though
Punk, p_ssy, candy-ass n_gga
Wearin another n_gga drawers ass n_gga
Take it like a man ya heard me?

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