Tha Man - Juvenile

I'ma stay thuggin, how I came is how I leave
When I say somethin, best believe that's how it be
Motherf_ckers, too - yeah I said it, n_gga, I mean it
B_tch was dressed in gangsta and switch, wodie, I seen it
One of these Juvie-f_ckin' hoes gon' get you caught up
Me, I wear ReeBoks and Girbauds, and play it smarter
If them boys in tha ben, they go bluckahda on tha block
I'ma be gettin' somewhere, your ass gonna get shot
You paid 1500... I paid 5999
Got diamonds and Rolexes that shine at tha same time
I ain't scared... but I ain't dumb, and I ain't stupid
I know how ta survive in tha project and how ta do sh_t
If I hit a hustle I ain't tellin' tha biz
'Cause tha witness will tell them people who tha murderer is
Your main man'll put four or five to your wig
Take tha Coke can and throw you off the side of the bridge
Gotta be able to think, gotta know when to move out
Gotta read through the lines, gotta know what these hoes 'bout
Gotta separate your business from your family and friends
Gotta bust a n_gga head if he plottin to do you in
I done did dirt, so I know what's tha consequences
Let my sh_t burst, tryin' ta knock out a n_gga denchures
Always keep cool to see through these fools
Cause we do the sh_t that people see on the news
So, follow me now into a world of stress
Where wodie tryin' ta get it all 'cause he don't settle for less
Ain't satisfied 'til all of his beef is put to rest
Slangin' that iron... with a soldier rag on his neck
And credit for they people in case they wanna connect
He ain't hidin'.. he still ridin'.. in the 'jects
He gotta be willin' to play tha game 'til his death
N_gga bangin'.. hit you in your brain, now who next
I be cool at all times and acknowledge.. when I'm wrong
Sh_t I went through when tha Feds got my game real small
I'm not tha smartest motherf_cker walkin
But I can tell a fake motherf_cker when he talkin
My daddy always told me, "Boy, don't be a follower
You got a lot of pride, but some you need to swallow up
You keep that attitude, you won't see tomorrow, bruh"
I soak it up, and got better as a hustler

[Lil' Turk]
I'm a head buster, a straight up Nolia n_gga
Young thugger
F_ck up, I show ya, n_gga, that I don't play
Keep a K for protection
With fifty... never run without my weapon
I stand out here, tie ducked with bandanas
I show no fear, what'chu 'bout we can handle
I'm real as they came, a untamed guerrilla
'Bout bustin' your brains, whoever be wit'cha
I have no pics, I split your sh_t
Whoever you with, I'ma split they sh_t
Ya steal or get stole, wet or get wet
Bust or get bust on, move a chest or lose a chest
Try not to miss when you cock back and shoot
You shoot and miss, then it's all on you
Ain't no game, it's real dog, live or ya die
Real in tha field, dog, ya live or ya die
Even though I'm a lil' bitty n_gga
Look, I got big nuts and they hang low, n_gga
I ain't scared ta bust
Want beef, let me know.. and look, we can tear this b_tch up
You or me.. me or you.. gon' bite tha dust
Wuz up, n_gga
Wuz up, n_gga
You afraid, go ta church, I ain't scared at all
Lose your head, f_ck with Turk, 'cause I'm knockin' it off
I'ma keep my hands clean, ride for some change
N_ggas gon' ride for me, n_ggas that's untamed
N_ggas who bang that heroin, or snort that c_caine
N_ggas out that project don't mind sprayin' thangs
Fools who that slang that iron for me (When tha beef start)
When tha beef start, ride for me
You ready to ride for me

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