U.P.T. - Juvenile

[B.G. & Baby]
Cash Money slangin nine n_gga
(Off top playboy)
H.B's and The B.G.'s
(What's happing little B.G. bring it to these n_ggas)

When I got that iron in my hand I'm going to slang it
When I got that drama on my mind I'm going to bring it
I ain't backing down from no n_gga that's hatin
If the n_gga say I ain't bout my buisness look here he hatin

Comin uptown playboy we gonna slang it
If I catch down n_gga bad we gonna leave ya stainin
F_ckin wit my H.B's n_gga I'm gonna bring it
Rollin uptown stay strap and keep thinkin'

Cause a n_gga get stolen
Better yet get takin
Paper is burn
They come fast, ya cant shake it
Picture this my brother Cash Money done went nation
That come's from 7 hard years of dedication

[Manny Fresh]
F_ckin wit my B.G. n_gga
I'm puttin ???? and I'm a ???? me n_gga
That's believing worth six n_ggas
We call hard hitters
We uptown riders and we real with this n_gga (n_gga)

Police can investigate but they ain't gonna find sh_t
But a 100 bullet shells without a f_cking fingerprint
This Hot Boy click laid back and spy on n_ggas
We see them working on something look here we riders
Ain't like working n_ggas
Any block with a flussy
That goes for the boss too
We ain't got no picks to choose it
We get cha if we gotta
Wig split cha if we gotta
I know you ain't got word that B.G.'s a rider
So keep it on the D.L
If you got keys don't serve nobody but off V.L
'Cause they play for keeps
A one way ticket to hizell
6 ft. deep
It's a filthy dirty rizell
On the U.P.T
I was raised in the streets
But I put it on my mind
By the time I was nine
I was pushin n_gga
I was slangin that nine

[Lil Wayne]
Na, Na, Na, Na
Now them them don't want us
They know me and Turk don't fuss in the corners
They already know that we brothers, Blood
Or whatever you wanna call it
Click up wit my dog we get crazy like alcholics
Plus we ballers
So whatever we spin the Lex or Benz
Its gonna be on twenny, twen, twens

Get off the block when we come n_gga (n_gga)
To the lane
Shots that close shop when the bullets start sparying
Run your mouth too much, better watch what cha sayin
Like a n_gga on the sideline, n_gga we ain't playin

[Lil Wayne]
Na, Na, Na, Na
Now why O why Lord
The n_gga wanna try and die Lord

N_ggaz wanna learn hard way
Give it to 'em like that
Make 'em suffer
Put that b_tch wit a bag

I guess you probably standin there sayin, "Who's the muthaf_cka?"
N_gga Juv's the muthaf_cka, thata bruise a muthaf_cka
Either there's been a lot of cross-firing in the bricks
And I'm gonna ???? me n_gga
If they put me in that sh_t
Look I'm gonna tell ya like I tell my folks
Play with me if you want but Cash Money going broke
Even if it means creepin up slow
Busting out shots out my black Volvo
Fo sho, 'cause ain't nobody gonna run me
I don't want nobody going to tell my mama when somebody done me
She ain't bring me in the world for that
She ain't raise no ho's
She could have had a girl for that
I been realized, I'm all in
Surrounded by the camoufalge, in ballin
Make a n_gga recognize, I'm starvin
Go in and do a homicide, you fallin, stop callin
Cause ain't no peace treaties wodie
You better leave that 45 at your house cause you gonna need it wodie
I told you boy, I'm a souljah boy
U.T.P up on my stomach from the Nolia boy

[B.G. Talking]
Slangin nine
Fo sho n_gga
That's how we layin it down for the '98 all the way to the '99
Slangin nine
All you bus pass n_ggas better recognize

[Juvenile Talking]
This on here bouncin all out ya heard me
Ask my n_gga Prime n_gga
Ask my n_gga Lac n_gga
Ask my n_gga B Dog n_gga
Ask Manny
Ask Ruckus
Ask my brother Corey
Ask B.G.'s n_gga
Ask Suga Slimm

[B.G. Talking]
You ain't got no muthaf_ckin heart
Got the butcha knife chillin
Slicing throats we doin it like that n_gga
Ah ha, Ah ha
How You Luv That now n_gga?
What's up now n_gga?
Talk that sh_t now
What, What's up
I thought we was what kind of boys
N_gga what, n_gga who what, n_gga ha

[Juvenile Talking]
I know yall gonna hear me all over the nation
So this is for the East Coast, the South Coast, the West Coast, over
the world
N_gga ain't no beef n_gga
It's bout money
N_gga if you ain't making no money I can't talk

[B.G. Talking]
Shut the f_ck
N_gga ain't got no words for ya
It's all about the fetti

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