Alert - K. Michelle

Pass another edible
I'm just tryin' to do something unforgettable
Uh, I feel like I gotta let 'em know
Salute me, lil' b_tch, I'm the general!
Uh, sit it down, be humble, this is K-Dot
And I quit, I was never on the choppin' block!
You a jiggaboo, all you do is pop and lock
In the same picture guaranteed to get [?]
My shows' black girls, they like fine wine
When it comes to me and you, it's a fine line
I do this with my eyes closed, this is prime time
I'm 'bout a dollar, little mama, I don't like dimes!
Listen, Jose, stay off my timeline
Matter of fact, stay off them white lines
It takes ten of you, now that's a lifetime
I'm 'bout to kill these hoes, but there's no lifeline!
Your man took you to the jeweler yesterday
I told your n_gga every kiss begins with K
A stainless steel Rollie? No, not today
I need that flooded AP like right away!
Peter Piper picked a pepper, you the type of n_gga
Never ever, I'm so clever
Check the weather, Hunter Heather
I'm so fly, don't got no feather
Balmains on, and they leather
I'm a G, seven letter
ABCs, spell it better!
F_ck you, hoe, I been [?]
Be humble or be humbled
Your man's a scrub, he fumble
F_ck them rappers who mumble
I make them rap-thinkin' b_tches tumble!
I am K-Dot, last name not Lamar
You on TV, b_tch, but you're not a star
That's a C-Class Benz, that is not a car!

What's wrong with this bum-ass b_tch, huh-huh?
B_tches always talkin' sh_t about what I ain't done or what I'm gon' do
I done forgot half the sh_t that you b_tches will ever learn in your whole entire motherf_ckin' life!
I'm the OG, ho, and you know it
That's why ya motheruckin' man sit over there
That motherf_cker bout this cash
I gets the MONEY!
ATM, All The Money, b_tches!
That's why they mad, hoe
You jiggy-boogie bum-ass b_tch!
Salute the general, b_tch!
OG, you just a hoe, G!

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