Fuck You - K. Michelle

Rub ya tities if u got nice weave

F_ck you
Yous a p_ssy n_gga anyway
While ya talking about me
Tell him how I rode ya face
Uh memphis 10 where we get it in
Money over everything
Chicks be f_cking just to win
48 is the scene
I can kill a b_tch dreams
Have you seen me in my jeans ah
If that's ya n_gga
Tell him stay up off my ringer
Bouta cock it back
Watch me shoot my middle finger like

F_ck you

F_ck you
And the b_tches that you came with
Why ugly b_tches
Always wanna talk the most sh_t
Dumb sh_t
Sweet valley high sh_t
Really mane
F_ck you and ya while clique
I'm from Memphis
Jump a gate
Slap a b_tch
I ain't in the street
And I ain't with the sh_t
I see a lot of n_ggas
But not a lot of men
All of a sudden
Stranger b_tches trynna be my friend

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