How Do You Know? - K. Michelle

[Verse 1:]
I'd rather be cold than wrapped up in love
Can't seem to get it right, can't seem to get it right
Fill me up and still leave me a little drive
Love comes then cleans you out, love's got an enemy now

How can I forget about the past?
So easily and start new again?

How do you know?
How do you know?
When you givin' him everything
And he still made a mess of things
How do you know?

[Verse 2:]
Oh it feels so good in the moment
But it's just the moment
That'll soon be over
Once my thoughts are sober
And I'll trade it all, love
Just to believe again
Looking for reasons why
It's never the right time



We don't understand his words until it hurts
Sometimes we're so blinded and always reminded
So the fear made me mess it up again
Maybe it was me, maybe it was him
But I just don't know
Don't know which way to go


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