Number One - K. Michelle

Can't nobody do like it us
This the reason why I had to write thisSex so good, I can't help but gotta curse
You got me saying, damn damn damn
You the f_cking best and we be f_cking best
Banging out that other n_gga, that's why he my ex
Cuz he couldn't do it like you do it, can't cha see?
That's why you'll forever be my king of R&B, come to me
You are now rocking with the best
And imma put that 'S' up on your chest
And you can be my Superman and I'll be Wonderwoman
And the more them haters talking, the harder we c_mming, c_mming and c_mming
I'm on your brain like a Soulja Boy hook
You look at me with that soldier boy look
So allow me to salute you, love it when you call me new new
And you know that you're my boo boo
Kells and K. Michelle, that numero uno
Sex that we're having here boy, ooh
Sex that we're having here boy, ooh

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