Shut up - K. Michelle

Alot of y'all just got done judging me on TV, OMG.
I would be lying if I said that I gave a f_ck, but y'all wasn't in the room, when he f_cked me up.
And stop calling Joseline, Joe she ain't a man, but she surely is a hoe.
Can't judge that b_tch, she just wanna be on, Karlie Redd even LA Reid son couldn't put you on
Where your boss? Where your check? Where the f_ck is Berry Wise at?
When I need 'em, I remember when making it wasn't easy
You're barely rapping, barely singing.

I wish I could say shut up
'Less you've been through what I've been, through I'm a you da.
Shut up, R kelly passed the crown on me, I'm the new king of R&B, so shut up.
Everybody keep doubting me... you christian's better, stop judging me, so shut up.
With this Jolly Rancher in my mouth I mean &, shut up.
Shut up, shut up.

In the words of momma Dee, ummm in that order, in that order
I ain't playing with you n_ggas, Out here in these streets
After the king, ain't nothing you could do for me.
I don't give a f_ck about no NBA team,
When I'm the one they're putting on that VH1 screen.
You n_ggas wanna hid it, but when you're asking for some money,
Watch them lames get to running, 'cause they're broke.
Where your boss? Where your check? Tell me where the f_ck is josh forest at.
Music dying, oh, we need 'em, motherf_ckers try to sing and
I wish they would just shut they ass up,
All you non-singing b_tches, non-rapping n_ggas
I wish you would just shut up.
'Cause if you would been through what I'd been through
You'd go crazy, too.

Shut up
I'm feeling like little kim, a real b_tch can never win, no.
I bet you you gonna shut up.

You're a six-er, but I need a ten
Stay your ass on that bench.

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