Falling Like The Fahrenheit - Kamelot

Let me play a melody for you
While searching for the light
And a way to live forever

Your flaws make sure you never come to play
And see the consequence
Of trying to survive

Like the shadows in my head
You will play the ghost again
(Do you think salvation waits for you?)
As I lay you down to sleep
All your tears are mine to keep

Falling like the Fahrenheit
Someone will always lose
You will never see another sunrise
My cyanide in paradise
As someone's always there
And I will never see another sundown in your eyes

Let me share a memory with you
Imprisoned in the sound
Let's dream away together
Every single note is bound to send
A flower from this world to whither away a smile



Give me a sign
To take what is righteously mine

Give me the secrets that you keep
I'll save them for no one else to see


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