This Mountain - Kasey Chambers

Well a wise man once said to me
If your heart don't break you won't be free
I'm as free as a bird
Flying out over flying out over the sea

I call out to the wind
No one comes to let me in
I hear the thunder
The weight on my shoulders
The weight up on my shoulders crushing me

Shine down on this mountain
Rain down on my face
Call out to the river
To wash me out
To was me out of this place
Well I wish that I was a sailorman
With the wheel of the ship held in my hand
But I don't like the water
I'm more like the anchor
I wish I was the anchor in me

Sometimes I wish I was a sin
So the ones I love wouldn't let me ion
I wouldn't have to try to find the answers
To give 'em all the answers they need

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