Crazy Love (English) - KAT-TUN

I just almost hurt you alone
It was nothing and I loved you too much
Maybe we're fallin' in the crazy love

Suppose I had chased you at that time
With what kind of future would I have been able to see your bashful smile?

I forgave everything about you
That night when we held each other, soaked by the rain
Without measuring even the weight of our tears
The two of us swayed

Only by calling your name did the world have meaning
Everything inside me wanted to protect you from injury no matter the past
In case my voice reaches you, I'll be waiting here
This Crazy Love that won't happen ever again

We were walking and jostled by a wave of people We were lost in the cold* streets
I had the same eyes as you though there wasn't anything
With just that, we warmed the fragments of our hearts from waiting

I was thinking that dreaming the same thing as you the present would continue
No matter the lie, I wanted to protect all your secrets I believed in
If time happens to stop, I'll always be waiting
A promise that almost vanishes between us is a Crazy Love within our memories

This Crazy Love that won't happen ever again

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