5 Am - Katy B

[Verse 1:]
My feet won't stop, I can't keep still
Be rocking this until the sunlight
That beat's so sick, that tune's so ill
Seems they know just how to move me right
He looks my way, won't waste my time
Looking in all the wrong places
Won't let history repeat in parallel lines
A s_cker for those pretty faces

Ooh, I need somebody to calm me down
A little loving like Valium
I need somebody to knock me out
I need some loving like
Ooh, I don't know what I'm running from
But when the sun comes up it won't be long
I need some loving like Valium
I need some loving like

[Verse 2:]
It's 5 AM all on my own
I just need someone to talk with me
I lost my friends, I check my phone
Still searching for someone to walk with me
My deep wounds rise, they take their place
All of a sudden this don't feel right
I wish I had a pure embrace
To keep me warm until the sunrise


I need some loving like...

Close my eyes, numb my pain
Feel my worries melt away
Lay me down, treat me kind
Take the stresses off my mind
Kiss my neck, feel my touch
Let nothing in the way of us
Keep me here, keep me calm
In my dreams, in your arms


I need some loving like

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