Honey (Outro) - Katy B

Never used to have a lot
Make the most of what I've got
Empty shows, to studios
To clubs the pirate radio

Cues to raise the bar, the crowd
Just to hear the music loud
Feel it penetrate my soul
Feel it taking all control

In love with life I try and stay
Promise that I made today
No matter how the others sway
I know I'll always be okay

Locked away within my hive,
I will never cease to strive
Make the good sh_t gold and sweet
Make them hear it from the street

Every day I wake, I rise
Knowing that I have to try
Try to create the life I want
Try to be kind and confident

Life is full of people who
Care about the things they do
I need dreamers, thinkers, freaks
Stick around, and sh_t gets peak

Sh_t gets real and here's the fact
All I have is who I am
All I have is london steets
All I have is rhymes and beats

All the rest I cannot feel
All the rest of me ain't real
Shallow world we live in now
Watch me try and work it out

At least I have these songs to sing
It might not seem like anything
But to me they are my truth
Lessons learned throughout my youth

Faces on white labels flow
When my spirit's dipped down low
When my days feel free and fast
I pray for all those times to last

So I can keep them in my songs,
Stories of my rights, my wrongs
Lay it there what's on my chest
But I know where to say it best

So I made the honey
So I made the honey for you
Now I feel just fine

My only escape is my headphones in
Everyone's talking but I'm not hearing
Zoning on my own thing
Music takes me away from caring

Old faces keep reappearing
But I still got my headphones in
I ain't got much but the songs I sing
Keep me sane and away from pain

These songs are all I have
And I'm still myself and that makes me glad
I can only be who I am
Thats when I got my headphones in

And my world has ups and downs
But when the musics loud it takes me away
And if I can give something back to the world
I hope I can make it proud

So I made the honey
So I made the honey for you
Now I feel just fine

So I made the honey Oh
So I made the honey
So I made the honey for you
Now I feel just fine

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