Sapphire Blue - Katy B

[Verse 1:]
You're watching me move
And I feel you, your eyes on my skin
I'm trying to step back
To the darkness but I just can't blend in
I'm almost afraid
But don't want you to go
It's cause you take notice, you fill my soul

You shine bright like
Like sapphire blue
Like emerald green
Let me next to you
You shine bright like
The gold round my wrist
And I cannot rest til
Til I taste your kiss

And everyone disappears
Everything disappears
The floor around disappears
The walls around disappear

[Verse 2:]
I rest my, my head back
On the cold wall and wait for you there
I feel this unfamiliar kind of feeling
Like I'm not aware
Of all this around
It's only you I see
Don't make me wait here
Come to me



No more walls
No more doors
No more windows
No more floors
No more space
No more time
Just your skin
Touching mine

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